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The Bradford Bishop Murders

In Episode 376

William Bradford Bishop, Jr., was born and raised to succeed.  With classic good looks, cultured parents, and a Yale education, he expected a lot out of life.  As an adult, he married a beautiful woman who gave him three healthy sons.  They travelled the world, eventually settling into a Maryland suburb.

Bishop built a career with the U.S. State Department, working in military intelligence. In his esteemed position, he felt in charge.  But in his home, his wife and mother were running things. After 15 years of government service, Bishop was passed over for promotion.  His stalled career may have been the final indignity.

Join us at the quiet end for The Bradford Bishop Murders.  Forty years have passed since this stunning case of family annihilation and Bishop seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. The suggested motives behind his crimes are as specific as they are unusual.  Today we’re taking a deep dive into the psychology and sociology in Bishop’s family life and career as they culminated in the brutal, fatal attack of the people who loved him.

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       William Bradford Bishop, Jr.

Apr 26 2021
True Crime
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    • I really did lol when you referred to them dressing out their game as “butchering the poor creature.” I was born and spent half my childhood in north west Wyoming. Elk, along with deer, antelope, trout and pheasant was our staple diet. Things were so different that many decades ago. Only the rich folks ate store meat, or drank store milk. Going hunting wasn’t a sport. It was grocery shopping. We all had our own rifles by the time we were twelve years old. When hunting and processing and wrapping our catch, we probably offered inadequate sympathy for the poor creatures – our tastebuds and stomachs were delighted though. This was a great story!

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