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The Trooper’s Target: The Murder of Dr. John Yelenic

The life of John Yelenic, a young, friendly, prominent dentist who was murdered in Pennsylvania back in 2006, was intertwined with the lives of his soon to be ex-wife Michele and her live-in boyfriend, Pennsylvania State Trooper Kevin Foley. All three of these people had specific personalities and beliefs which can be traced back to […]

Jun 26 2018
True Crime

Missing Amy: The Disappearance of Amy Billig

When 17-year old Amy Billig disappeared in 1974, her absence created a miserable void in her family. Her mother Sue would never be the same. But Amy’s story is about so much more than pain and loss. It’s about the lasting qualities of hope in the shadow of an ongoing nightmare. Sue Billig was left […]

Jun 19 2018
True Crime

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While She Was Sleeping: The Murder of Jill Cahill

Jill Russell was born a nonconformist. Even as a young girl, she never followed the standards of normality as defined by society. She wasn’t a rebel, but she was a happy, friendly person who sought out challenges and adventures. When Jill met James “Jeff” Francis Cahill III, she believed she’d met her prince charming. He […]

Jun 14 2018
True Crime Premium

Murder Actually: The Texas Cadet Murder

In the early morning of December 3, 1995, a farmer driving along a quiet country road saw the body of a teenage girl on the ground behind a barbed-wire fence. At first, he thought he was looking at a dead animal. As he moved forward, the girl’s face was unrecognizable. One bullet hole was in […]

Jun 12 2018
True Crime

The Spreckels Mansion Mystery

In 2011, at the Spreckels Mansion on the Southern California Coast, there were two unexpected deaths that have since raised many doubts and endless speculation. On July 11, 32-year old Rebecca Zahau was at the Spreckels Beach House along with her sister when her boyfriend’s 6-year old son fell over a second-floor banister. Sadly, he […]

Jun 05 2018
True Crime
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