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Until Death: The Crimes of Raynella Leath

When things didn’t go the way Raynella Leath wanted, she could be calculating and vicious.  But she could also be quite charming.  After attempting to kill a man who considered her a friend, and after two husbands died suspicious deaths, the people where she lived in Solway, Tennessee wondered about Raynella.  Many feared her and […]

Apr 27 2020
True Crime

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Halloween Mourning: The Murder of Mabel Greineder

It was Halloween morning 1999 when Mabel Greineder was found dead.  Mabel was a devoted mother and wife, living in the wealthy community of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Mabel’s body was found less than a mile from her home. Mabel and her husband, Dirk, had taken their usual early morning walk with their dog that morning, but […]

Apr 23 2020
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Hunger: The Starvation Heights Murders

With little medical training and no scientific basis for her treatments, Dr. Linda Hazzard was able to attract many wealthy clients to her Institute of Natural Therapeutics in Olalla, Washington.  Dorothea and Claire Williamson, wealthy sisters from England, read Dr. Hazzard’s book “Fasting for the Cure of Disease” and believed it was their path to […]

Apr 20 2020
True Crime

The Girl Who Loved to Dance

Kim Barry loved to dance and she had plans to train as a nurse.  Living with her parents in a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, she cared for disabled children in preparation for her future career. On Friday night, February 6, 1981, Kim’s parents left town overnight, leaving her in charge of […]

Apr 13 2020
True Crime

Finding Amy St. Laurent

Amy St. Laurent went out on a Saturday night and seemed to vanish into thin air.  As parents, this is our worst nightmare.  Amy was a sensible, smart young woman who knew how to take care of herself, but one bad choice put her into the path of a violent predator. In the search for […]

Apr 06 2020
True Crime
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