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Blind Faith: The Murder of Maria Marshall

Maria Marshall seemed to be living an enviable life. She was beautiful and wealthy, with a successful husband and three healthy sons. It wasn’t until Maria was killed that her friends, family, and neighbors saw how hard she had been working to keep up appearances and keep her family together. On the night of September […]

Apr 24 2018
True Crime

Help Save the Next Girl: The Murders of Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham

When UVA student Hannah Graham disappeared from a Charlottesville mall in 2014, authorities and volunteers began a massive search to find her. Joining the search were the parents of Morgan Harrington. Morgan had disappeared five years earlier. At the time, the Harringtons didn’t realize that solving Hannah’s case would lead them to the man who […]

Apr 17 2018
True Crime

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Savages: The Murder of Colleen Slemmer

The jealousy of one teen girl over another ended in torture and murder back in January 1995, when 19-year old Colleen Slemmer suffered and died at the hands of Christa Pike and two accomplices in Tennessee. Adding to the senselessness of this murder was the fact that Colleen actually had no interest in the man […]

Apr 16 2018
True Crime Premium

A Crime to Remember S5 E8: Mother’s Little Helper

Dan Schindler entered the greasy storefront of Bradshaw Auto Parts just outside of Salt Lake City. He was looking for a replacement part for a friend’s truck – but instead he found something that would haunt him for the rest of his life: the blood-soaked body of the store’s 76-year-old owner, Franklin Bradshaw. The murder […]

Apr 11 2018
True Crime, Watching ID

Terror by Sea: The Murders of Joan, Michelle, & Christe Rogers

Oba Chandler was executed in 2011 for the killings of a mother and her two daughters off the coast of south Florida. Jo Rogers and her two teenage daughters were enjoying a rare and well-deserved vacation when they were approached by Oba Chandler and invited to take a cruise on his boat. He seemed like […]

Apr 10 2018
True Crime

A Crime to Remember S5 E7: A Woman’s Place

Ten-year-old Leona O’Loughlin fails to show up at school, while her detective father Leo falls violently ill. Investigators now have to consider the chilling possibility that someone may have been trying to eliminate the entire family. This week, A Crime to Remember investigates the crimes of Pearl O’Loughlin, who murdered her stepdaughter Leona and tried […]

Apr 04 2018
True Crime, Watching ID
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