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Gone S1 E6: In a Dark Place

A missing person? Check. A murder? Check. Stellar police work? Well… In this, the finale of Gone, we ask ourselves if we are being overly critical or are most of these cases prolonged due to less than stellar investigatory work. Dena Raley-McCluskey was feeling positive about life when she didn’t show up for her first […]

Aug 31 2017
True Crime, Watching ID

The Baby Thief: The Crimes of Georgia Tann

Alma Sipple, a single mother in Tennessee, could not afford medical care for her ten-month-old daughter Irma when a knock on the door changed her life: there stood a woman with close-cropped grey hair, round wireless glasses and a broad, stern face.The older woman exuded authority as she explained she was the director of a […]

Aug 29 2017
True Crime

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The State of California vs. Orenthal J Simpson

This is Part 3 in our series on the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. If you haven’t heard Part 1, Prelude to Murder, and Part 2, Murders in Brentwood, we recommend that you go back and listen to the episodes in order. We begin this episode after OJ Simpson has been arrested for […]

Aug 24 2017
True Crime Premium

Gone S1 E5: Missing Michele aka Call your Mother!

This Gone has a great ending. The rest was kind of eh.  After researching so many missing persons’ cases, we know that this is an unusual outcome, but there are so many more interesting cases out there! Michele Whitaker, 32, was leading a troubled life when she disappeared without a trace. Her family and local […]

Aug 24 2017
True Crime, Watching ID

An Officer and a Psychopath: The Crimes of Colonel Russell Williams

How well do we really know the people in our daily lives? Our co-workers, our boss, the clerk at the grocery store, our neighbors, our friends, or even our spouse? Many people thought they knew Colonel David Russell Williams. He was a decorated air force pilot and commander at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) at […]

Aug 22 2017
True Crime

Gone S1 E4: Devil Among Us

When Lynda McClelland went missing from her home in Forest Hills, Pennsylvania, she left behind three beloved grandchildren and a heartbroken daughter, Amanda. Amanda’s search leads her through her mother’s complicated life and ends with deeply troubling answers that lie painfully close to home. In the darkest episode since Field of Broken Dreams, Gone Episode […]

Aug 17 2017
True Crime, Watching ID
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