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The Murder of Bonny Lee Bakley

Bonny Lee Bakley was not an ethical or particularly law-abiding woman. Not someone you would want your daughter to model her life after. She was a con artist and a groupie who used sex and deception to get money from men. When she was shot to death in May 2001, her husband at the time, […]

Jul 24 2018
True Crime

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Murder by Mercedes: The Clara Harris Case

Just over two months ago, Clara Harris, the Texas dentist who made headlines in 2002 after she ran over and killed her cheating husband, was released from prison. This gruesome killing became sensationalized by the media, with her Houston trial generating true-crime books and a made-for-tv movie. Clara, who is originally from Colombia, and her […]

Jul 19 2018
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A Dangerous Woman: The Life and Crimes of Tracey Richter

Tracey Richter was an angry narcissist willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted.  She had no qualms about harming anybody who would dare to come between her and what she wanted. But Tracey was also a good actress. That may explain why she got away with so much for so long. […]

Jul 17 2018
True Crime

Tainted Love: The Murder of Kathy Augustine

Does tragedy run in families? In the case of the Augustine family, they seemed to have more than their own fair share of unexpected deaths. In August, 2012, 32-year old Dallas Augustine shot and killed her wife Jessie McCaskill before turning the gun on herself. Six years earlier, Dallas’s step-father Chaz Higgs had been accused […]

Jul 10 2018
True Crime

The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay

In Australia, about one person goes missing every 15 minutes. Most missing persons cases take hours, days, or even weeks before an in-depth investigation is put into action. In the case of 43-year old mother of three Allison Baden-Clay, it took mere minutes. Constables arrived at the Baden-Clay home at 8am, took one look at […]

Jul 03 2018
True Crime
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