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Cashing In: Karl Karlsen

How much are your loved ones worth to you?  Priceless, right?  You cannot put a dollar amount on a person’s life.  Not so for Karl Karlson. There were so many tragedies and coincidences in his life that his second wife suspected him of two murders and several instances of insurance fraud.  In fact, she became […]

Mar 01 2021
True Crime

Gone & Never Forgotten: The Kathy Stobaugh Story

Kathy Stobaugh married the wrong man.  Once she realized her mistake, she did everything right in order to set off on a better course.  She worked full-time, went back to college, and accomplished her dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher.  Saving her money, she rented a new house and moved there with her two children.  […]

Feb 22 2021
True Crime

The Disappearance of Janet March

On the morning of Friday, August 16, 1996, Marissa Moody brought her 6-year-old son to the impressive home of Janet and Perry March to have a play date with 5-year-old Sammy March. The March family seemed like the picture-perfect family, but Marissa never felt comfortable around Perry March.  He was intimidating and snubbed her at […]

Feb 15 2021
True Crime

The Fisherman & the Flirt: The Death of Kent Leppink

In 2006, 33-year-old Mechele Linehan was visited by the Alaska police regarding a 1996 murder.  Back then, Mechele had been an exotic dancer.  The murder victim was a former client named Kent Leppink.  But, in 2006, Mechele was a professional woman married to a physician and raising a young daughter in Washington state. Her arrest […]

Feb 08 2021
True Crime

A Dark Passion: The Columbo Family Murders

When 16-year-old Patricia Columbo took a job in a soda shop next door to a pharmacy, no one even imagined that she and the 36-year-old married pharmacist Frank DeLuca would become involved in a sexual relationship. But that’s exactly what happened. Over the next four years, Patricia’s parents tried to talk some sense into her.  […]

Feb 01 2021
True Crime

The Silencing of Sandra Rozzo

On July 5, 2003, 37-year-old Florida bartender Sandra Rozzo was shot in her own garage before she could even get out of her car.  Sandra, known by her friends as Sandee, was a hard worker, a good friend, and a devoted mother to her young daughter.  The idea that someone would want her dead was […]

Jan 25 2021
True Crime

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