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Blood Money: The Murder of Taylor Samson

22-year old Taylor Samson left his fraternity on the night of August 15, 2015.  He had only his cell phone and a large black duffel bag as he walked out the door, telling his girlfriend he would be back soon.  She knew that he had been dealing drugs, but Taylor tried to keep his life […]

Oct 29 2019
True Crime

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TCB Halloween Special

In preparation for Halloween, Jill & Dick just watched the 1978 Halloween movie and the 2018 Halloween movie.  They’re 40 years apart and many things have changed, but many things haven’t.  Join us for a fun chat about horror movies, our Halloween memories, and how much Jill loves the new trend of strong, powerful, female […]

Oct 28 2019
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The Beauty Queen Killer: Christopher Wilder

Christopher Wilder seemed to have it all. Born into a loving family, he never wanted for anything as a child. He was doted on, and probably spoiled, by his parents. Yet there was something amiss about him. He had few friends as a young child, and was often alone. As he approached adolescence he demonstrated a proclivity […]

Oct 24 2019
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Those They Left Behind: The Victims of Roy Melanson

Michele Wallace was a freelance photographer who disappeared hiking in Colorado in 1974.  She was a free spirit, a pretty and adventurous 25-year old woman with long dark hair she wore in two thick braids. It was late August when Michele told her parents she was going on a backpacking trip with her dog in […]

Oct 22 2019
True Crime

Bathtub Girls: A Story of Matricide

When two teenaged sisters were arrested for murdering their 43-year old mother in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, the community was shocked.  Shock was followed by outrage when it came out that many of their friends had been aware of the murder plot.  Some had even offered advice on the best way to kill their […]

Oct 15 2019
True Crime

Into Clinton Lake: The Amanda Hamm Story

When Amanda Hamm’s three young children drowned in Clinton lake in 2003, the incident was compared to the Susan Smith case.  Amanda and her live-in boyfriend, Maurice LaGrone Jr., were in the front seat of Amanda’s 1997 Cutlass when it went into the lake from the boat ramp.  Amanda and Maurice escaped the shallow water, […]

Oct 08 2019
True Crime
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