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The Lady in the Box: The Story of Wife Killer John David Smith

John David Smith married his second wife, Fran, in 1990. While confined to her home recovering from a broken hip, Fran disappeared from her New Jersey home in 1991. Fran’s daughter DeDe and sister Sherrie called the house, frantically trying to reach Fran, but there was no answer. Then DeDe called John at work. He […]

Jun 25 2019
True Crime

Catching a Predator: Westley Allan Dodd

Child molester and killer Westley Allan Dodd is remembered as one of the most evil men in modern history. What I find interesting about this case is how early in his life Dodd began to have sick urges and how his behavior progressed from exposing himself to murder virtually unchecked. After his murder convictions, Dodd […]

Jun 18 2019
True Crime

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Not My Boy! The Crimes of Christopher Porco

Suspicions turned to college student Christopher Porco soon after his parents, Peter and Joan Porco, were attacked with an ax in the middle of the night back in 2004. It seemed unimaginable. Christopher came from a stable, middle-class family. He did well in high school, scoring 1400 on his SATs. But Christopher had dark secrets. […]

Jun 18 2019
True Crime Premium

California Parricide: The Murders of Jim & Naomi Olive

When he was 19, Chuck Riley met 15-year-old Marlene Olive while dealing drugs at her high school. He developed a crush on her and they eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Marlene controlled their relationship and Chuck did anything to please her. Marlene had a deeply troubled home life. Her mother, Naomi, suffered from alcoholism and […]

Jun 11 2019
True Crime

Rock Bottom: The Death of Rinette Bergna

Peter Bergna picked up his wife Rinette from the airport and drove up Slide Mountain near their home to talk about their marital problems. According to Peter, the brakes on his truck malfunctioned, causing the truck to crash through a guardrail and nosedive off of an 800-foot cliff. Peter was lucky. He had somehow been […]

Jun 04 2019
True Crime
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