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A Crime to Remember S5 E6: Black Sheep

Four members of the Mark family are found murdered in their Cedar Falls, Iowa, home, prompting police to suspect someone close to the family; the bizarre outcome shakes the townspeople and devastates the surviving members of the Mark family. It’s a modern day Cain and Abel!

Mar 30 2018
True Crime, Watching ID

Step-Monster: The Murder of Zahra Baker

In her 10 years, Zahra Baker had gone through a lot and overcome more than most adults. She was a cancer survivor who had to have an amputation, the removal of part of her lung, and she was left hearing impaired from cancer treatments. But she was still beautiful, inside and out. A resilient spirit […]

Mar 27 2018
True Crime

A Crime to Remember S5 E5: Beast with a Badge

This episode is entertaining in a crime solving type of way, plus it gives us a look at racism in the 1950s. A detective works to exonerate his black friend from rape allegations that were pinned on him by the LAPD’s racist members. To do so, he has to navigate his way through deeply entrenched […]

Mar 24 2018
True Crime, Watching ID

A Crime to Remember S5 E4: A Coffin for Christmas

Heiress Barbara Mackle is kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin-like capsule; local police and the FBI race to Mackle’s abductor before her time underground runs out. The kidnappers turn out to be an unlikely pair and Jill has some interesting follow-up about what happened to them after the crime was solved.  

Mar 22 2018
True Crime, Watching ID

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The Story of Little Boy Blue

It was Christmas Eve 1985 when the frozen body of a 9-year-old boy was found by the roadside in Thayer County, Nebraska. The child had been dressed in a blue pajama sleeper and had one hand placed tranquilly over his heart. After an autopsy and three months of investigation, the identity of “Little Boy Blue”—as […]

Mar 21 2018
True Crime Premium

The Babysitter’s Secrets: The Murder of Cherry Walker

Cherry Walker was a trusting, uncommonly innocent young woman with a developmental disability. When her neighbor Kim Cargill brought her son to Cherry to babysit, Cherry didn’t know enough to question her. Mentally still a child herself, Cherry played alongside the child, sharing her food and her small apartment with him. Kim took full advantage […]

Mar 20 2018
True Crime
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