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Guilt by Association: Felony Murder Rule Cases

A Discussion of  Felony Murder Rule Cases Blake Layman made a very bad decision when he was 16.  That decision set off a series of circumstances that culminated with his arrest and conviction for felony murder.  But Blake didn’t kill anyone.  He broke into a house unarmed.  The homeowner, who was armed, shot him and […]

May 30 2017
True Crime

A Taste for Murder: The Deaths of Liana & Erik Duke

On a high, jagged cliff overlooking the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Green River, Wyoming, a young mother and her 5 year-old son plunged to their deaths, their bodies crashing from rock to rock until they landed splayed and bleeding in the dust. Bob Duke’s accounting of his family’s death was heartbreaking. He described a sudden […]

May 23 2017
True Crime

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Detached: The Diane Downs Story

The interior of the Diane Down’s car was spattered with blood from three small bodies. Six-year-old Cheryl lay crumpled on the floor by the front passenger door. Danny and Christie, aged four and eight, were slumped at odd angles in the back seat. As surgeons struggled to save the children, their mother Diane Downs sipped […]

May 18 2017
True Crime Premium

The Girl Scout Camp Murders

In the middle of the night, as thunderstorms engulfed the remote tents of Camp Scott in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, 3 girl scouts were snatched from their sleeping bags. Their ravaged young bodies wouldn’t be found until morning. The discovery was shocking, but there had been warnings: Warnings that were ignored by camp counselors and not […]

May 16 2017
True Crime

No Mercy: The Victims of Killer Nurse Beverly Allitt

Young and eager nurse Beverly Allitt was trusted by the parents of her young patients. But after a series of unexplained deaths on the children’s ward at Grantham Hospital, all eyes turned to her. Investigators wondered why Beverly was always the one at the bedside when a child took seriously ill. Could she be behind […]

May 09 2017
True Crime

Fatal Father: The Murders of Aaron & Jacob Jenkinson

Young couple Frances and Darren Jenkinson of Glasgow, Scotland, were happy and attentive parents of 8 week-week old baby boy Aaron when tragedy struck. After 3 bouts of difficulty breathing, their baby boy had irreversible brain damage and was taken off life support. This loss was especially difficult for Frances who was only 18 years […]

May 02 2017
True Crime
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