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Murders in Brentwood

Part 2 in a 4 Part Series We begin on June 12th, 1994.  Nicole and OJ saw each other at their daughter’s dance recital.  Nicole dined with her family at Mezzaluna restaurant while OJ went home rejected, angry and sullen.  At midnight, the bodies of Nicole and Ron Goldman were found outside of Nicole’s home. […]

Jul 28 2017
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Gone S1 E1: Field of Broken Dreams

In our first episode of Watching ID, we talk about the premiere episode of Gone: Field of Broken Dreams, the story of 17-year old Chris Daigle who disappeared in 2007.  Find out what we thought of the show and the way the case was handled (mishandled?) by the police.  

Jul 27 2017
True Crime, Watching ID

Gone Baby: The Disappearance of Lisa Irwin

The story of Lisa Irwin, who went missing when she was just 10 months old, has riveted the nation and left behind unanswered questions.  How does a 10-month old infant disappear from her crib, never to be seen again?  The police have focused on Lisa’s mother Deborah although there was plenty of evidence pointing to […]

Jul 25 2017
True Crime

Watching ID Introduction

Jill & Dick introduce a new podcast, Watching ID, where the first couple of true crime podcasting talk about recent Investigation Discovery shows and the crimes featured. The first several episodes will feature the new ID show Gone which airs on Mondays at 9pm ET.

Jul 24 2017
True Crime, Watching ID

Natural Born Killers: The Lillelid Killings

The Lillelid family van drove on through the twilight of Greenville, Tennessee, in April of 1997. Gravel crunched beneath its wheels as quiet sobs echoed inside. The sun had set and dusk gave way to nightfall. When the van stopped, the doors opened to an unusual congregation. One by one, the occupants climbed out. A […]

Jul 18 2017
True Crime

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Prelude to Murder: The Murders of Ron Goldman & Nicole Brown

In this episode, Prelude to Murder, we’re discussing Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and the events that led up to their murders. There are hundreds of books, movies, mini-series, and documentaries about this case, so we consider it a challenge to approach it just a bit differently. It does seem to be a true […]

Jul 14 2017
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