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Natural Born Killers: The Lillelid Killings

In Episode 95

The Lillelid family van drove on through the twilight of Greenville, Tennessee, in April of 1997. Gravel crunched beneath its wheels as quiet sobs echoed inside. The sun had set and dusk gave way to nightfall. When the van stopped, the doors opened to an unusual congregation. One by one, the occupants climbed out. A run down car pulled up the road behind them and came to a stop beside the van.
Six young adults from Kentucky know what happened that Sunday evening. The Lillelid family, including two small children, were shot and left for dead.
Join us at the quiet end as we go into the background of the victims and perpetrators of the Lillelid killings, revisit the cold-blooded crime, and learn about the trial and punishments that resulted.


Jul 18 2017
True Crime


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  • (P.S. Dick, Uinta is pronounced “you-INN-tah”; just insert the “inn” syllable between the U and the tah in “Utah.” Another tough one here is Tooele, “too-ill-ah”.)

  • I’ve clicked on the title “A Husband’s Rage; the murder of Rachel O’Reilly,” and when I click the play button, Susan Smith’s case begins. This happened on another older episode that I’d hoped to listen to.
    Perhaps when you have time you could check it out and make sure the older titles are matched up with the correct content? I’d appreciate it, now that I’m finally a TIE-GRABBER, I want to watch every episode I’ve missed!

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