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What Happened to Ayla Reynolds?

What happened to 20 month old Ayla Reynolds? This is the most complex criminal investigation in Maine history. Details from her family and the Maine State Police inquest will be addressed in this fascinating and heart-breaking discussion. Of course, one of Maine’s best beers will be sampled and reviewed: Allagash Curieux

May 22 2016
True Crime

The Road Not Travelled: The Tammy Kingery Story

Tammy Kingery, a nurse and doting mother of 3, disappeared from her home on September 20, 2014. She was 37 years old. Her family and the Edgefield County, South Carolina Sheriff’s office are doing all they can to find out what happened to Tammy. In this episode, Jill and Dick discuss all available information on […]

May 18 2016
True Crime

The Case of Maura Murray

Jill and Dick talk about the case of Maura Murray, a nursing student who disappeared on a New Hampshire road in 2004. There is much speculation about what happened to Maura but there have been no confirmed sightings since her disappearance. Sam Adams Coffee Nitro Stout is the beer of the day!

May 16 2016
True Crime

The Madeleine McCann Case

At the time of this recording, it is Madeleine McCann’s 13th birthday. Since her disappearance in 2007, there have been investigations, searches, allegations, accusations, theories and rumors about what happened to Madeleine. We will examine this case from all angles and available sources to help understand what could have happened in Portugal in 2007 and […]

May 12 2016
True Crime

The Death of Michele MacNeill

Michele MacNeill was a beautiful mother of 8 living in Utah with her physician husband, Martin MacNeill. Superficially, she had a life most people would envy. So, when she was found dead in her bathtub 8 days after cosmetic surgery, questions were asked. The secrets that came to the surface astounded even the most jaded […]

May 05 2016
True Crime

The Staircase Part Two

The Michael Peterson trial takes an unexpected turn when his past in Germany comes back to haunt him. A German beer is in order!  

May 01 2016
True Crime
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