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A Killer Undercover: The Hidden Life of Charlie Brandt

In 1971, 13-year old Charlie Brandt shot his pregnant mother to death before turning the gun on his father and sister. In the years that followed, he seemed to move forward and live a normal life with college, marriage, and a career. Charlie and his wife Teri were a close, fun-loving couple–the kind of couple […]

Feb 26 2019
True Crime

Portrait of a Family Annihilator: The Watts Family Murders

The case we’re talking about today, more than any in recent history, illustrates that we don’t always know the people close to us as well as we think we do. We’re talking about the case of a family annihilator: Chris Watts. In August of 2018, Chris murdered his pregnant wife and his two preschool-aged daughters. […]

Feb 19 2019
True Crime

Happily Never After: The Murder of Julie Miller Bulloch

Julie Miller met Dennis Bulloch through a newspaper ad. He seemed like the answer to all of her problems. As a successful executive approaching her 30th birthday, Julie was ready to get married. Dennis seemed like the all-American guy. She thought he could be the one. But just four months into their marriage, emergency responders […]

Feb 12 2019
True Crime

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Death Farm: The Victims of Sheila LaBarre

Serial killer Sheila LaBarre regularly enticed young men to her farm, where she would torture and control them. At her trial she claimed she was an angel, sent by God to punish pedophiles. But there was never any evidence that the men she killed were pedophiles. Her victims were actually quite innocent, developmentally delayed, with […]

Feb 07 2019
True Crime Premium

Shameless: Mick Philpott

Mick Philpott lived off of welfare benefits for most of his adult life. He had been unfaithful and violent towards women but he enjoyed impregnating them. Mick could love them and leave them, but he would never accept it when a woman wanted to leave him. His reckless and selfish plan to frame an ex-girlfriend […]

Feb 05 2019
True Crime
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