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One Day at a Time: The Disappearance of Edith “Pen” Meyer

In Episode 434

Edith Meyer was born on Independence Day and soon went by the nickname “Pen.”  It suited her, because Pen was her own person.  At age 55, Pen was living her best life in the small town of Goshen, New Hampshire.  She was a recovering alcoholic and known for her helpfulness and compassion towards others in the program.

Join us at the quiet end for One Day at a Time. Sadly, it was Pen’s concern for others and her willingness to go out of her way for a friend that led to her untimely death. Over many years of giving council to her friends in Alcoholics Anonymous, she was bound to gain some enemies. But Pen would not let that dissuade her from doing what she saw as the right thing.  She had an innate sense of right and wrong and a deeply held respect for life, something her killer lacked.

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Lowell Sun Archives 2005-2019

Notes on a Killing by Kevin Flynn & Rebecca Lavoie

The Boston Globe archives 2006-2009


Jan 24 2022
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    • Thank you for doing this story. I live in Indianapolis, and have followed the case from the beginning. As you say, it is fascinating and frustrating. And so, so sad.

    • Hi guys listening to this reminds me of a murder similar that happen in Oklahoma City. In July 16, 1978 Roger Dale Stafford robbed a Steak n ale and he wasn’t caught until March 13 1979 , they found him in Chicago. He had someone that helped him. But it could be a long shop but it would be something to look into. Six people were killed and 5 of these were teenagers. I’m just wandering is it a possibility that they could have had something to do with it . Lora

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