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The Incestuous Wife: Candace Mossler

In Episode 432

Candace Mossler was a well-known socialite in Houston, Texas, in the 1960s. She was charming and attractive in a Marilyn Monroe type of way, with a voluptuous figure, an easy smile, and a soft, breathy voice, much like the late actress.  She was a woman who could have anything she wanted, until what she wanted threatened to end her lavish lifestyle.

Candice lived in a three-story mansion in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods, purchased by her much older, wealthy financier husband, Jacques Mossler. While Candace loved parties and hosting charity events with famous performers and the Houston elite, Jacques preferred to work.  He spent much of his time in Miami, where much of his business was done.

Join us at the quiet end for The Incestuous Wife.  Candace and the Mossler’s six children were visiting Jacques in Miami when she went to the hospital for one of her frequent migraines.  She took the children along with her.  When they returned to Jacques’ Miami apartment, they found him dead and covered with blood on his living room floor.  Candace would tell the police that her husband had enemies and that he was a closeted homosexual, implying that a male lover or scorned business contact was responsible for his death.  But as investigators looked into Candace’s behavior in the months leading up to her husband’s death, accusing eyes turned to Candace herself.

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Read “No One is Perfect” by Ron Smith


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No One is Perfect by Ron Smith

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Texas Monthly, The Notorious Mrs. Mossler, by Skip Hollandsworth, Dec. 2021


Jan 10 2022
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