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In the Arms of Evil: The Story of Serial Killer Nurse Genene Jones

In Episode 442

Whenever we hear of a case of a healthcare professional purposefully hurting a patient, we feel outraged.  When the hurt patients are children, it’s ten times worse.  The case of Genene Jones, LVN, is one of the most reprehensible instances of child abuse and murder in recent history.  During her time working in a pediatric intensive care unit and then in a pediatric office, Genene was responsible for multiple codes and deaths.  But Genene didn’t do it all on her own.  If not for the willingness of physicians and hospital administrators to look the other way, she could not have gotten away with it and the children she killed would still be alive.

Join us at the quiet end for In the Arms of Evil.  Genene Jones is the deeply disturbed serial killer nurse who was the inspiration for the psychotic nurse in Stephen King’s book and movie Misery.  And her actions were definitely in line with the horror genre.  Genene Jones actually took pleasure from putting the children in her care at risk and she got a sick thrill from killing them.  Her connection to disastrous pediatric outcomes was clear, so why did it take so long for anyone to protect children from her?

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Read “The Death Shift” by Peter Elkind


The Death Shift: Nurse Genene Jones and the Texas Baby Murders, by Peter Elkind

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Nursery Crimes, Forensic Files, Season 5, Episode 10

Grand Jury of Bexar County, Texas, True Bill of Indictment, Defendant Genene Jones, June 29, 2017


Mar 21 2022
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