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Finding Karla Brown’s Killer

In Episode 537

Karla Brown was 22-years-old in 1978. After five-years of an off and on relationship, she and her fiancé, Mark, bought their first home together.  That June, the couple were focused on moving and decorating their new home.  They had friends over to help with the move on June 20th, followed by an evening of food and drinks. Next door, at the home of Paul Main, the pretty and outgoing Karla had not gone unnoticed.

Join us at the quiet end for Finding Karla Brown’s Killer. Karla’s fiancé Mark went to work on June 21st, leaving Karla home alone. Between 10 and 11am, Karla ended a phone call with her future mother-in-law, telling her that someone was at the door. By the time Mark returned home that day, Karla would be the victim of a brutal murder and the focus of a lengthy, complex investigation.

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Silent Witness: The Karla Brown Murder Case by Don W. Weber and Charles Bosworth, Jr.


Feb 12 2024
True Crime
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