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The Missing Millbrook Twins

In Episode 534

On March 18, 1990, 15-year-old fraternal twins Dannette and Jeanette Millbrook disappeared while out walking from a convenience store to their home in Augusta, Georgia. Earlier that day, the girls told their mother that a man in a white van had been following them. Nothing more is known about this man and he would not be the only person of interest in the girls’ disappearance.

Join us at the quiet end for The Missing Millbrook Twins. Dannette and Jeanette’s mother reported them missing that same evening, but she was told that she had to wait for 24 hours. Even after the 24 hours passed, the sheriff’s office failed to investigate or follow up in any way with the family. In fact, when the girls’ 17th birthday passed, the case was closed.  The sheriff’s explanation? The girls were now old enough that they could not be forced to return home. This suggests that the girls were runaways, but there was no reason to believe this to be true. In fact, it seems clear that two poor black children were not a priority for the sheriff’s department and a significant injustice was done when they never bothered to look for Dannette and Jeanette. Is it too late now or is there a chance that this cold case can somehow be solved?

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If you have any information on the Millbrook twins, please contact the Richmond County PD non-emergency line at 706-821-1020


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Jan 15 2024
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