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Unfaithful: Untrue Crime Movie

In Episode 26

Unfaithful was released in theaters in 2002 with moderate success. But it was on cable TV and in it’s DVD release that this tense, erotic tale of lust, love and murder became a modern classic. Starring Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Olivier Martinez, there is no shortage of great looking people. More importantly, though, is the story. A couple with a young child who are in love and seem to have it all. The wife strays with a charismatic younger man. The power, intensity, and destructive features of love and passion are explored. Somewhat surprisingly, honesty and commitment emerge as important themes. The conclusion never fails to please as it carefully flirts with just a touch of ambivalence.


Aug 28 2016
True Crime, Untrue Crime Movie
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    • I enjoyed listening to your commentary on this movie. Regarding Edward’s wanting to meet, or confront, Connie’s paramour, I never found this odd. I think Edward is trying to reconcile the revelation of Connie’s actions and the former reality that Edward has lived with for perhaps his entire life up to this point. To step outside the film a moment, Richard Gere is typically, I picture, playing the role of a stud like Paul; it’s a role-reversal, and I think in a way Edward feels this way; in some sense, Edward thought he was the Paul (not in the sense of interloper, but in the sense of being “the man”) only to realize that he is decidedly not, and so he is compelled to meet the man he can never be. Erupting is a pervasive insecurity that comes on so suddenly and so powerfully that he strikes the enemy, the eternal threat, the irresistibly seductive outsider in order to eliminate it so that he can be what he used to believe himself to be. It is the value of the comparative; obliterate the contrast. Of course, he does not think it through; but I think within reason Edward’s drastic measure is proportionate to the weight of his revelation. The whole thing is unfortunate, but I see a logic that almost can’t unfold in any other way under the circumstances, which, frighteningly, are pretty ordinary circumstances.

      • I just tested it and it played for me. I’m not sure why it’s not playing for you. Maybe restart your device and try again?

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