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The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos

In Episode 343

Jennifer Farber Dulos was a woman to be envied.  Educated and attractive, she came from a wealthy New York City family, lived in beautiful Connecticut mansions, married a handsome, educated man, and had five healthy children.

After 13 years of marriage to her Greek-American husband, Fotis Dulos, he became aggressive and unfaithful. He told Jennifer that he had fallen out of love with her, but he didn’t want to move out of the family home.  Instead, he wanted to move his new lover and her daughter in with them.  Not surprisingly, Jennifer was not on board with this plan.  She moved out under the cover of the night, taking the children with her.

Join us at the quiet end as we discuss the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos.  When Jennifer vanished, she and Fotis were still deeply entrenched in a lengthy and intense divorce battle.  As Jennifer tried to move forward and focus on her children, Fotis was realizing that he could lose custody of his children and go bankrupt.  Although he denied having any involvement in his estranged wife’s disappearance, a trail of evidence revealed dark and sinister secrets.

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Nov 23 2020
True Crime
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    • I’m from this exact area and it’s not the only local murder I’m familiar with. I’m amazed that two others, which are particularly bazaar have not ever been on any show or discussion forum that I’m aware of. This case breaks my heart because Jimmy was an obvious great guy. Shelly was understood by most who knew her to be a difficult and not contrite. She had a deviant nature from early in her childhood. Some would question as to whether or not the reason for this behavior was because of her parent’s devout religious views. As for Jimmy discipline of his son, there was a question about the family dynamic. Jimmy may have been reluctant to physically discipline his children but did so at that time because he did not trust Shelly’s doing such. However, the extent of bruising on the son does give us all pause. My heart will forever mourn for the emotional affliction on the children involved in this case and all others.

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