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The Body in Belknap Creek

In Episode 480

Heather Rich was only 16-years-old when she was brutally victimized by people she knew and trusted.  A petite and pretty girl with translucent gray-blue eyes, Heather liked to laugh and she enjoyed the attention of her peers.  But adolescence is not everything that they make it out to be in the movies.  As a cheerleader and a nominee for homecoming queen, Heather was also a troubled girl who was testing her own limits.

Join us at the quiet end for The Body in Belknap Creek. It’s true that Heather made a poor decision when she snuck out of her home on October 3, 1996, but the decisions made by her killers were careless, cruel, and just plain evil.  When Heather was reported missing, the police dismissed her as a runaway who would return home in a day or two.  But her parents knew better.  The search for Heather would last one week, but it took much longer for investigators to reveal the shocking truth of what happened to her on the night of October 3rd.

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Dec 26 2022
True Crime
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