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Pretty Poison: The Murder of Eric Miller

In Episode 35

Eric and Ann Miller were two attractive, intelligent, successful people who met at Purdue University and married in 1993.

In December, 2000, Eric died of arsenic poisoning.  Over the next 4 years, investigators would find out that Ann wasn’t who she seemed.  To the astonishment of everyone who knew the couple, Eric was murdered through a viscous plot developed by his wife, Ann.  The details of this case are fascinating, from the psychosocial aspects of love and infidelity to the forensics of arsenic levels from hair samples.
Join us at the quiet end with a North Carolina beer!

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Oct 02 2016
True Crime
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    • Rest In Love Eric, David, Dwayne, and John. You were wonderful friends and a blessing to this world. We still say, “Squeeze a fruit for Anita.” I hope that makes you laugh.

      Following is the opinion of many gay people:
      Beware of Fauci. All he did was make himself wealthy and famous at our expense.

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