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Missing Mom: What Happened to Michele Harris?

In Episode 13

Michele Harris’ empty minivan was found the morning of Sept. 12, 2001, with the keys still in the ignition at the end of her and her husband’s long driveway. Prosecutors say that Calvin Harris killed his 35-year-old wife when she came home the previous night to the secluded estate they still shared with their four young children. He was wealthy from his family’s car dealerships and court papers say he told people she would not get half his business as divorce loomed. Defense lawyers claim authorities overlooked likely murder suspects she met during the freewheeling life she led as her marriage broke up. Prosecutors presented evidence of blood stains in the home but relied on a largely circumstantial case to convince a jury in 2007 that he was guilty of second-degree murder. That conviction was set aside when a new witness potentially helpful to the defense came forward. A second guilty verdict in 2009 was overturned based on trial-court errors. Jurors in the third trial last year failed to reach a verdict after 11 days of deliberations. The fourth time was the charm for Cal Harris when he was recently acquitted in his fourth trial. Join Jill and Dick for a discussion of this case. What happened to Michele? There are four children missing their mom. The beer on tap is Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms.


Jun 15 2016
True Crime
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    • I was quite interested listening to this episode. Diving is an individual activity you do with others. I was quite surprised that they weren’t required to have a dive master with them… considering their lack of experience. Better yet been offered a course.
      However, when it comes to “tourism” diving “some” companies disregard SOP’s.
      I thoroughly enjoy all your stories!!! BTW stouts are my favs. I enjoy the beer descriptions. I am not much of a drinker – but will have a taste now and again.
      Hindsight though regarding the proposal, reluctance to provide inventory of personal items, trashing of the grave – and pleading guilty to manslaughter I feel there were control issues and some level of dubiousness. Tragic for all. I feel though the dive company is more at fault regarding Tinas death.

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