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Love’s Labor Lost: The Disappearance of Vicki and Valessa Robinson

In Episode 90

On a Saturday morning in June 1998, no one could find mother and daughter Vicki and Valessa Robinson. The night before, single mother Vicki had dined with her boyfriend while Valessa hung out with her boyfriend and another friend. Everyone was aware that Vicki had been having difficulty getting Valessa to follow her rules. Her older and criminal boyfriend, Adam Davis, was trouble. Valessa had lost interest in school and church. She was shoplifting, taking drugs, and having unprotected sex. Had Valessa run off with Adam? If so, where was Vicki? Concerns grew and the police were called. What was revealed about the events of that Friday night would shock the community of Tampa and horrify everyone who followed the story.

Jun 20 2017
True Crime


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  • (P.S. Dick, Uinta is pronounced “you-INN-tah”; just insert the “inn” syllable between the U and the tah in “Utah.” Another tough one here is Tooele, “too-ill-ah”.)

  • I’ve clicked on the title “A Husband’s Rage; the murder of Rachel O’Reilly,” and when I click the play button, Susan Smith’s case begins. This happened on another older episode that I’d hoped to listen to.
    Perhaps when you have time you could check it out and make sure the older titles are matched up with the correct content? I’d appreciate it, now that I’m finally a TIE-GRABBER, I want to watch every episode I’ve missed!

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