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Four Little Witnesses: The Murder of Sheila Bellush

In Episode 93

Sheila Bellush’s 13-year-old daughter Stevie came home from school on November 7th, 1997, and found her 23-month-old quadruplet siblings crying and spotted with blood. Sheila was on the laundry room floor, dead from a gunshot wound to her face and a large gash to her throat. It was clear that there had been a struggle. Blood covered the floor and smeared the walls. The babies had witnessed the brutal crime and remained alone with their deceased mother for hours.
The family had recently moved to Sarasota, Florida, to escape the harassment and threats of Sheila’s ex-husband. They had begun a new life, revealing their location to only a few close relatives. But now, investigators believed that there was a complicated plot, conceived by Sheila’s wealthy ex, for a brutal murder for hire.
This is a story of two divergent lives coming together and pulling apart, resulting in obsession, rage, and a cruel murder carried out in front of four innocent eyewitnesses: Sheila’s babies.


Jul 11 2017
True Crime


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  • (P.S. Dick, Uinta is pronounced “you-INN-tah”; just insert the “inn” syllable between the U and the tah in “Utah.” Another tough one here is Tooele, “too-ill-ah”.)

  • I’ve clicked on the title “A Husband’s Rage; the murder of Rachel O’Reilly,” and when I click the play button, Susan Smith’s case begins. This happened on another older episode that I’d hoped to listen to.
    Perhaps when you have time you could check it out and make sure the older titles are matched up with the correct content? I’d appreciate it, now that I’m finally a TIE-GRABBER, I want to watch every episode I’ve missed!

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