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Cyberstalked: Cari Lea Farver

In Episode 320

In November of 2012, Cari Lea Farver just up and left everything behind: her new boyfriend, her job, and even her son.  This was not like Cari, who was a responsible worker, a reliable friend, and a devoted mom.  Then an alarming string of texts from Cari’s phone set everyone on edge.

Cari’s new boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, was surprised by her abrupt change of heart, but he had only known her for two weeks.  After Cari missed her son’s high school graduation and her own father’s funeral, her mother, Nancy, was certain that the person communicating with her by text was not her daughter at all.

Join us at the quiet end for Cyberstalked: Cari Lea Farver.  As Cari’s family members worried about her, Dave Kroupa believed she was stalking him and his on-again off-again lover, Liz Golyar.  Dave and Liz reported break-ins, arson, and death threats, as obscene messages from Cari’s phone and social media accounts poured in.  Over a three-year time period, thousands of these messages were received. Not until the past of a sociopathic killer was exposed and digital forensics were utilized was the truth behind Cari’s disappearance brought into the light.

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Aug 10 2020
True Crime
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    • Thank you. I’m catching up with all older podcasts:) lol. You are my favourite and I watch/listen to them all. Yes I need a life. Lol. But being single for the first time since 16. Now 47 …. Nahhhh lol. Tbh listening to you both. I have hope that there is a wonderful man that this extremely wonderful woman ? will fall in love with ????. Lol thank you. Lol. Really. I love that there are people like you out there and I’m not alone lol.

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