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A Body in the Closet

In Episode 503

The ostensibly charmed marriage of Kelley and Jim Cannon became something like a bad lifetime movie after years of drug addiction and domestic disturbances. Judging from outward appearances, the two were a successful and happy couple raising a young family. Jim was a law school graduate and a well-liked businessman. Kelley was a housewife and mother of three, remembered by her old classmates as a good student and a popular cheerleader. But then, one night in 2008, Jim’s dead body was found inside of a bedroom closet in their Nashville home.

Join us at the quiet end for A Body in the Closet. When Jim was found dead, his three children were missing. Police found Kelley Cannon in a nearby condo with the children. She explained that Jim had called her, acting crazy, and asked her to take care of the kids. But an injunction had prevented Kelley from entering the family’s home, so was she telling the truth or was Kelley somehow responsible for her estranged husband’s death?

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Green Hills Mom Who Strangled Husband in 2008 Asks for New Trial, WKRN.com, Sarah Denson, 3/30/2015

House of Lies by Linda Rosencrance

Kelley Elizabeth Cannon v. State of Tennessee, Criminal Court for Davidson County, 3/21/2017

State of Tennessee v. Kelley Elizabeth Cannon, Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee at Nashville, 10/18/2011

Who Killed Jim Cannon? Nashville Scene, Elizabeth Ulrich, 7/3/2008

The Widow Speaks, Nashville Scene, Elizabeth Ulrich, 7/10/2008

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Jun 12 2023
True Crime
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