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The Vanishing Bride-to-Be: Annie Le

Graduate student Annie Le disappeared from her lab at Yale University just five days before her wedding.  When she was first reported missing, investigators theorized that she had cold feet and had likely run off for some time alone.  But Annie’s family and friends didn’t believe Annie would do that.  She was very much in […]

Mar 15 2021
True Crime

The Piketon Massacre

In the early morning of April 22, 2016, relatives of the Rhoden family in Pike County, Ohio, began to discover family members brutally killed in their own homes.  In all, eight members of the Rhoden family were murdered, including one minor, 16-year-old Christopher Rhoden, Jr. The victims had been shot to death.  Three young children, […]

Dec 29 2020
True Crime

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The Abduction of Daniel Morcombe

Daniel James Morcombe was a happy 13-year old boy living in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, Australia, when he disappeared and his family’s life was irrevocably changed. It was Sunday, December 7, 2003, when Daniel walked less than a mile to catch a bus to the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre, where he planned to […]

May 21 2020
True Crime Premium

Until Death: The Crimes of Raynella Leath

When things didn’t go the way Raynella Leath wanted, she could be calculating and vicious.  But she could also be quite charming.  After attempting to kill a man who considered her a friend, and after two husbands died suspicious deaths, the people where she lived in Solway, Tennessee wondered about Raynella.  Many feared her and […]

Apr 27 2020
True Crime

What Happened on Horton Road? The Kelly Ann Tinyes Story

Kelly Ann Tinyes was just two days shy of her 14th birthday when she disappeared in her own neighborhood in 1989.  In the days that followed, children stopped playing outside. Terrified neighbors began a harassment campaign of the Golubs, a family whose two sons were suspects. The Golub home appeared like any other well-maintained suburban […]

Dec 03 2019
True Crime

Murder Foretold: The Cheryl Keeton Story

When Cheryl Keeton was found dead in the middle of the highway in 1986, she was a talented, well-respected lawyer and the mother of three young boys. After her death was determined not to be an accident, her husband Bradley Cunningham became the prime suspect. Cheryl was Bradley’s 4th wife. They had been involved in […]

Dec 12 2017
True Crime
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