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The Burden of Bias

Christa Worthington was a Vassar grad from a prominent family, living on her own on Cape Cod. She had left behind her career as a fashion writer for a simpler life, having a daughter on her own and raising her on the Cape. Then, in January 2002, forty-six-year-old Christa was found stabbed to death in […]

Jul 15 2024
True Crime

Out of Wedlock

Rachel Hatfield was in a 14-year relationship with a struggling artist named Tim when she met her future husband, Todd Winkler.  Todd couldn’t be much more different than Tim. He was a former F-16 fighter pilot with a big corporate job, a house, and even his own plane. When Tim heard about Todd, he hurried […]

Sep 04 2023
True Crime

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Dateline Rewatch: Kill Switch

Larry Isenberg disappeared on Feb. 13, 2018 while out on his boat on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho with his wife Lori. Lori claimed that Larry fell into the water while trying to fix a broken motor. She cried, insisting she’d done all she could to save him. But according to Lori, she’d tripped […]

Jul 29 2023
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The Disappearance of Stephanie Kupchynsky

27-year-old music teacher Stephanie Kupchynsky disappeared from a Rochester, New York, suburb in 1991. Stephanie grew up in New Jersey and had taught on Martha’s Vineyard. She was scheduled to attend a music conference in New Jersey that was organized by her father, also a music teacher, when she disappeared. Soon afterwards, her car was […]

Jul 24 2023
True Crime

Blood Atonement

In its immediate aftermath, the 1984 murder of Brenda Lafferty and her baby daughter had their community asking “why?”  But once the investigation was under way, law enforcement began to look closely at the family Brenda Lafferty had married into. Brenda was a devout Mormon, but she disagreed with the extreme religious beliefs of her […]

Jun 26 2023
True Crime

From Missing to Murdered: Arlene Fraser

The disappearance of Scottish mother-of-two Arlene Fraser in April of 1998 alarmed her loved ones and set off rumors and theories throughout her community.  After all, she’d waved goodbye to her children as they went off to school one morning and was never seen again. It was as if she had vanished into thin air. […]

Dec 12 2022
True Crime
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