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Gone From Home: The Disappearance of Susan McFarland

Susan McFarland, a hard-working mother of three, disappeared just before Thanksgiving in 2002.  Three days later, her car was found in an abandoned parking lot with the keys still in the ignition. Her friends and family hoped that Sue had just gone off to have some time alone.  But investigators became suspicious of foul play […]

Dec 31 2019
True Crime

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Pushed Too Far: The Amber Hilberling Story

Young marriages can last a lifetime, but they usually don’t.  Immaturity and the stresses of adult life can turn husbands and wives against one another.  In some of the worst instances, there is domestic violence. In a rare, tragic few, there is murder. Join us at the quiet end today for Pushed Too Far: The […]

Dec 26 2019
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Fatal Attraction: The Murder of Betty Jeanne Solomon

Today’s crime has been compared to the 1987 film “Fatal Attraction” starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.  Calling the murder of Betty Jeanne Solomon “The Fatal Attraction Murder” was good for headlines, but if you were to ask Carolyn Warmus, she would probably tell you there were no similarities at all. Carolyn was a young, […]

Dec 24 2019
True Crime

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Holiday Movies for the Quiet End 2019

This holiday season, we’re celebrating with a countdown of 10 of our favorite Christmas movies to watch every year.  We’ll start out with old classics like It’s a Wonderful Life & A Christmas Carol before satisfying our baser instincts with such modern classics as Bad Santa & Die Hard.  We even manage to include a couple […]

Dec 19 2019
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Broken Boy: The Jaidyn Leskie Story

There is no one more innocent than a 14 month old child, the age Jaidyn Leskie was when he disappeared.  Jaidyn was born in and lived his life in poverty and ignorance.  Some would say that his mother loved him and tried her best. Others would say she was a careless and neglectful drunk. Either […]

Dec 17 2019
True Crime

What Happened on Horton Road? The Kelly Ann Tinyes Story

Kelly Ann Tinyes was just two days shy of her 14th birthday when she disappeared in her own neighborhood in 1989.  In the days that followed, children stopped playing outside. Terrified neighbors began a harassment campaign of the Golubs, a family whose two sons were suspects. The Golub home appeared like any other well-maintained suburban […]

Dec 03 2019
True Crime
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