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Destroyer of Worlds

“Disney” Dad Anthony Todt and his wife Megan seemed to be living an ideal, enviable life together. High school sweethearts, they married, had three children, and owned a busy Physical Therapy practice in Connecticut. But that life blew up in December of 2019. Join us at the quiet end for Destroyer of Worlds. How did […]

Oct 23 2023
True Crime

Diehard: An Untrue Crime Christmas Movie

Something different today!  We’re talking about untrue crimes which occurred in a high rise LA office building in 1988. At the center of these events was a detective from New York named John McClane. He and his wife Holly were separated at the time over issues including her blossoming career with the Nakatomi Corporation in […]

Dec 21 2020
True Crime

The Killing of JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey was only 6-years old when she was found murdered in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home. It was the day after Christmas. Twenty-two years later, her murder remains unsolved. The reason why there has been no conviction in this case could be attributed to mistakes made by the Boulder Police Department right […]

Dec 25 2018
True Crime

The Santa Claus Murders

The Daniels Family lived on Dasher Street in the town of Santa Claus, Georgia. Their one-story-red-brick house, with a huge chimney protruding from the front, was nestled snuggly at the end of a cul-de-sac. For Kim Daniels, it was her dream home. Kim was a drug addict, living out of her car, when Danny Daniels […]

Dec 18 2018
True Crime

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End to Innocence: The Abduction and Murder of the Grimes Sisters

On a cold, sunny morning in January 1957, Leonard Prescott, a 39-year old construction worker, was driving into the town of Willow Springs, Illinois, when he noticed two strange-looking objects underneath a bridge railing. He stopped to get a better look and told himself they must be department store mannequins. He drove off, but his […]

Dec 17 2017
True Crime Premium

Village of the Damned: Episodes 1 & 2

Village of the Damned is a five-part series on Investigation Discovery this month. It tells the story of small town Dryden, New York, where a series of seemingly unrelated murders occurred between 1989 and 1999. We have really enjoyed the series so far. This podcast covers episodes 1 and 2, where a family is murdered […]

Dec 13 2017
True Crime, Watching ID

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