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Just Seven Minutes: The Abduction of Ann Harrison

On March 22, 1989, 15-year-old Ann Harrison went outside of her house to wait for the school bus. Nothing seemed different than any other morning, but Ann would never make it to school that day. As she waited by the mailbox, two men in a car pulled up and asked her for directions. Another girl […]

Jun 15 2023
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House of Leaves

On November 10, 2010, in broad daylight, a man broke into the home of Tina Herrmann and her two young children.  The attacks, murders, and kidnapping that followed were some of the worst crimes in the history of the state of Ohio. Matthew Hoffman was known by his neighbors as a bit of an oddball, […]

Jul 25 2022
True Crime

Secrets & Lies: Solving the Murders of Katherine and Sheila Lyon

Law enforcement interrogation is a real skill, but much of it has been questioned in recent years with instances of botched police investigations and false confessions.  When police have little forensic evidence, as is the case with many cold cases, witness interviews and suspect interrogations can be crucial in solving a case. But how far […]

Aug 03 2020
True Crime

The Delphi Murders: Abby Williams & Libby German

Good friends 13-year old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German had a day off from school on Monday, February 13, 2017.  At around noon, they decided to visit a local hiking trail.  But when Libby’s father showed up at 3pm to pick up the girls, they weren’t there. By 5:30pm, the police were called and […]

Jul 13 2020
True Crime

Betrayed & Buried: The McStay Family

In February, 2010, Joseph McStay, his wife, Summer, and their young sons, Gianni and Joseph Jr., disappeared from their Fallbrook, California home.  Days later, their SUV was found abandoned in a parking lot near the Mexican border.  A dark and fuzzy surveillance video was released which seemed to show a family matching their descriptions walking […]

Feb 11 2020
True Crime

Stolen Lives: The Skelton Brothers

On the day after Thanksgiving in 2010, Tanya Zuvers reported her three young sons missing from her home in Morenci, Michigan.  Her husband was supposed to bring the boys back to her on Friday morning, but he never did. The couple had been living apart and planned to divorce.  Andrew, 9, Alexander, 7, and Tanner, […]

Jan 21 2020
True Crime

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