Kristin Rossum and Greg de Villers were newlyweds who seemed to have a bright future ahead of them. But sometimes things are not what they seem. Beneath the surface, their relationship was poisoned by lies, addiction and betrayal.
Kristin was a toxicologist at the medical examiner’s office. She may have appeared to be professional and loyal, but she was, in truth, a methamphetamine addict involved in a long-term sexual affair with her boss. She was also in a position with unlimited access to dangerous drugs.
When Greg died of a drug overdose, his family and friends pressured the police to investigate his death as a homicide. Kristin claimed that Greg learned about her affair and killed himself. Investigators believed she killed Greg because she was afraid he was going to expose her affair and her drug use.
Kristin Rossum was an unlikely killer, but her husband’s death was suspicious. Questions about the scene and the events leading up to Greg’s death showed a long history of deceit by Kristin and revealed the possibility that she and her lover had plotted together to kill to him.
Join us at the quiet end today for Heart Stopper: The Death of Greg de Villers, the story of a complex murder plot fueled by drug addiction and a clandestine love affair.

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