John David Smith married his second wife, Fran, in 1990. While confined to her home recovering from a broken hip, Fran disappeared from her New Jersey home in 1991. Fran’s daughter DeDe and sister Sherrie called the house, frantically trying to reach Fran, but there was no answer. Then DeDe called John at work. He claimed that Fran had packed her bags and left him, but how could she have done that when she couldn’t even walk?
John had been lying to everyone. Fran’s family members found all of Fran’s belongings still in the house. Then they discovered that John had been married before. Back in 1970, John Smith’s first wife Janice Hartman had disappeared just days after divorcing him. Now Smith had two missing wives.
Join us at the quiet end for the story of two missing wives and a man with some very dark secrets. His secrets would only be revealed after his brother came forward with a secret from 20 years ago.

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