The murder of Andrew Bagby was an event of terrible shock and grief for the loved ones he left behind, especially his mother and father. Andrew was David and Kate Bagby’s only child. He was well-liked with a promising future as a family physician.
In 1999, Andrew began dating medical intern Shirley Turner. When he tried to end things with Shirley, she responded badly. Andrew believed he had ended the relationship for good in November, 2001. But Shirley phoned him obsessively and drove 16 hours to show up unannounced at his door.
Andrew agreed to meet her after work on November 5, 2001. The following day, his body was found face down in a parking lot. He had been shot five times.
There was strong evidence against Shirley in Andrew’s murder. But David and Kate Bagby’s nightmare, which had begun with the murder of their son, would end with the death of their one-year-old grandson, Zachary. To add to their misery, it was clear to them that Zachary’s death was preventable. Zachary was in his mother’s care when he shouldn’t have been. Why did the Newfoundland Social Service system allow this tragedy to happen?
Join us at the quiet end today for the tragic story of two cold-blooded murders, one entirely preventable, in A Failure to Protect: The Story of Andrew Bagby & Zachary Turner.

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