Doc Waterman and his daughter Rachelle returned to their home in tiny Craig, Alaska on a cold night in November, 2004. They had been away for a Girl Scout Council meeting for Doc and a volleyball tournament for Rachelle. When they arrived at their home, Lauri Waterman, wife and mother, was nowhere to be found. Neither was her purple minivan.
The next day, a burned-out car and a charred, unrecognizable body were found several miles away. The car turned out to be Lauri’s minivan. The dead body was hers.
Police quickly focused on two young men as the perpetrators of this heinous crime. The men confessed, but in a surprise move, they implicated Rachelle in the plot. They said they carried out the abduction and murder at Rachelle’s request. According to them, Rachelle claimed she was abused by her mother, and wanted her dead.
Join us at the quiet end today for A Daughter Accused, as we discuss whether Rachelle was a naïve, guileless young woman intimidated by police, or a cold-blooded killer who organized the brutal murder of her own mother.

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