Robert Reldan had everything going for him in life—intelligence, good looks, and a supportive family, including his wealthy aunt, who idolized him and generously shared her fortune with him. But something drew him toward darkness early on.
Beginning in his teen years, he committed crimes unimaginable to his classmates and family members. The Reldan family owned the Sweet Sue Coffee Shop located just one block from New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Robert’s mother, Marie, doted on Robert and believed that he was meant for big things in life.
Robert was a charmer. He enjoyed terrorizing woman and he built on that thrill by evading apprehension. He was cruel, but he was very good at convincing the authorities and his family of his innocence and his deep-down good character. Robert’s charm would get him retrials and hung juries as he attacked, raped, and eventually murdered women. But his life of deceit would catch up with him.
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