Serial killer Sheila LaBarre regularly enticed young men to her farm, where she would torture and control them. At her trial she claimed she was an angel, sent by God to punish pedophiles. But there was never any evidence that the men she killed were pedophiles.
Her victims were actually quite innocent, developmentally delayed, with a child-like trust that she exploited and used against them. When the truth finally came out about Sheila’s crimes, investigators were appalled. Her 115-acre New Hampshire farm was rundown and dilapidated. Burn piles on the property contained human remains. Sheila’s behavior was bizarre, but was she insane?
Female serial killers are rarely heard of but they do exist. The methods and motivations of Sheila LaBarre are difficult to determine. Today, we ‘re taking a look back at her life, the lives of her victims, and the crimes that have haunted a New England town since the 1980s.

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