The White House Farm murders took place in a small village near Essex, England, in August 1985. Nevill and June Bamber were shot and killed inside their farmhouse, along with their adult adopted daughter, Sheila Caffell, and Sheila’s six-year-old twin sons, Daniel and Nicholas. The only surviving member of June and Nevill’s immediate family was their adoptive son, Jeremy Bamber, then 24-years old, who said he had been at home a few miles away when the shooting took place.
After arriving on the scene, investigators believed that Sheila, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, had fired the shots and then turned the gun on herself.
It’s been over thirty years since this mass murder occurred but there are still those who believe the wrong person has been held responsible. The crime scene suggested that Sheila, who had just recently been released from a psychiatric hospital, killed her family and herself while in a psychotic state.
Others, the majority in fact, believe that the murders were staged as a murder-suicide by Jeremy Bamber so he would be the sole beneficiary of the family estate. We’re going to take a look at this case from both angles, plus touch upon some other theories, in this episode which I have cleverly named The White House Farm Murders.

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