The Deliberate Widower: Malcolm Webster

//The Deliberate Widower: Malcolm Webster

The Deliberate Widower: Malcolm Webster

Malcolm Webster drugged and murdered his first wife and, after getting away with it, he tried to do the same to his second wife. A third fiancé, Simone Banarjee, was saved by detectives when they warned her and showed her evidence of her intended’s lies and crimes. She was stunned to learn that the man she loved was plotting her death as they were planning their honeymoon together.
Webster was an English-born nurse who traveled the world and used drugs to sedate his victims before eliminating evidence with arson and murder. His three best known victims were women who were independently wealthy and fell for his English gentleman persona. Police believe there were many more victims.
He had set ablaze cars, offices, and homes. After gaining access to bank accounts, he embezzled money with forged signatures and fraudulent documents. Even as he spent Simone’s fortune and arranged for her death, he had a string of women he was setting up as future targets. There were many coincidences following Malcolm Webster over the years, too many for police detectives to accept. Though he took everything from the women he victimized, those who survived would say he was gentle. He killed with kindness, putting them into oblivious slumber with drugs before leaving them to fiery deaths.
The Deliberate Widower: Malcolm Webster is our topic at the quiet end today. The outrageous crimes this man inflicted over his lifetime formulate an incredible, intricate story of a con man who would stop at nothing, even murder, to get the things he wanted.

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  1. Jan Roberts January 24, 2018 at 7:58 am - Reply

    I just finished listening to the Widower and wanted to let you know I thought you did a fantastic job. Your podcast has been my second favorite (Sorry. My Favorite Murder was my first podcast 1 1/2 yrs ago and I have to keep it on top for sentimental reasons although I rarely listen to it anymore) since your first outing and I’ve written to you before. Your voices calm me even though you are talking about grisly stuff. I love your interactions as well. You respect each other, clearly, which shows often, especially when trying to convince the other to come over to your viewpoint. Another reason your are tops (almost) in my book is that you do intense research. You answer almost every question that comes to mind while I’m listening. I enjoy the richness in background and life experience that you both bring to the story. I also enjoy the variety of cases you pick. The Quiet End chatter is getting very creative. Can’t wait to see if that couple shows up for a third date. Also I love the occasional f-bomb. I laugh. It’s my favorite word and I admire its appropriate use.
    So that’s it. I like to write every now and then to let you know we are out there and we hear you every week and enjoy your offerings very much.
    Jan Roberts

    PS-I wonder if the widower’s twin was normal. (Or maybe it was his dad that was the twin…?)

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