Unleashed Rage: The Killing of Betty Gore

//Unleashed Rage: The Killing of Betty Gore

Unleashed Rage: The Killing of Betty Gore

Full-time mom Candy Montgomery always did what was expected of her. She married, had two kids, and taught Sunday school at her church. Her husband Pat loved her and she loved him. But something was missing from Candy’s life: excitement. She took creative writing classes in order to express herself. She made close women friends to whom she could confide even her wildest desires. Still, something was lacking. Maybe an extramarital affair was the answer. Just some sexual exploration while Pat was away at work—nothing that would hurt anyone. She wasn’t the type to hurt anyone.
Betty Gore didn’t share Candy’s urges to find pleasure outside of her marriage. She adored her husband Allen, who made a good living and worked hard to keep her happy. Keeping Betty happy wasn’t an easy task. She suffered from depression and hypochondria. She was insecure. She cried when he had to travel for work, even if it was just a day or two. She didn’t do well on her own. Betty invested time and effort into her marriage, signing them up for the church’s Marriage Encounter program. And it was working. They were closer than ever.
How did the lives of these suburban moms intersect with a shocking and brutal ax murder in the middle of an otherwise normal morning? Join us at the quiet end for an extraordinary story of love, lust, and violence in the suburbs: Unleashed Rage: The Killing of Betty Gore.

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  1. DR Kellogg February 9, 2018 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    Sorry for the very long delay in writing a comment about this podcast. I only just discovered this site! Anyway, I read the book about Betty and Candy and wonder if some of the reason for Candy’s acquittal had to do with the fact that Betty was not well liked in the community. I’m somewhat flabbergasted news of the affair was not more widely known, since Candy seemed to be telling a fair number of people. The Como Motel cracked me up and made me think of the song “3rd Rate Romance.” If music videos had been popular at the time, Allan and Candy’s affair could have the inspiration for that song!

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