A Killer in the Family: The Death of Becky Watts

//A Killer in the Family: The Death of Becky Watts

A Killer in the Family: The Death of Becky Watts

It only took minutes to tear apart the family of Darren Galsworthy, a blended family that had been through hardships and illnesses to finally find some happiness and equanimity. Darren and his wife Anjie had each been through difficult relationships before they fell in love and merged their two families into one cohesive group. Things were not perfect, but they were in love and Darren felt proud that their children had a solid home.
Becky Watts was 16-years old and living with her father Darren and her step-mother Anjie when she was reported missing in 2015. Her phone and laptop were gone from her bedroom but her clothing and make-up were left behind. It was initially believed that Becky left her home on the morning of February 19th, but it was later discovered that her step-brother and his girlfriend had lied to mislead police.
The search for Becky involved family, police, and volunteers as well as a social media campaign using the hashtag #FindBecky. As parents, it’s hard to imagine what Becky’s parents went through as days passed and there was no sign of her. Tragically, finding Becky would not bring relief but would only create deep, long-lasting wounds her family would struggle with forever.
This story of strength and loss, A Killer in the Family, edifies as it devastates, bringing to light a sad truth: even those closest to us can destroy us.

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  1. Clair in Canada November 2, 2017 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Currently listening to A Killer in the Family, while at work on a rainy day, As soon as you started talking about her waking up not being able to see, my heart dropped and the first thing i thought was MS, to which you confirmed, I too have MS diagnosed 18yrs ago at the age 16, I have had many symptoms over the years but have never had issues with my vision until this month and it is scary! thanks for talking about this illness I love listening to the show and eagerly await new episodes

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