David Brown, a man who masterminded the 1985 murder of his wife, died of natural causes in a prison hospital in 2014. He was 61. Brown was in a protective housing unit because of his notoriety for the killing of his fifth wife, Linda Brown. He was accused of persuading two teenagers —one his daughter, the other his sister-in-law and lover— to kill his wife. He went on to collect $835,000 from the victim’s insurance, including several policies started just months before her death. Brown paid $350,000 in cash for a new house within five months of the killing. Shortly after, he took a sixth wife.
Our story today would be unbelievable if it weren’t true. David Brown was the very incarnate of evil, a sociopath with a sweet tooth and a weak stomach, with an insatiable desire for cash, cigarettes, junk food, and adolescent girls. He spent his life manipulating people and scamming in spite of the fact that he had a great income and he was surrounded by people who adored him. But the only life he valued was his own. Join us at the quiet end for Sugar & Spice: The Murder of Linda Brown.

Intermission song: Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young



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Sugar & Spice: The Murder of Linda Brown

One thought on “Sugar & Spice: The Murder of Linda Brown

  • October 4, 2017 at 12:35 am

    Hi teamsters! I’m listening to this +*WiLd*+ episode and I’m just a bit over an hour in. That David dude sounds beyond belief. What strikes me is how people can just so casually take out life insurance policies on others – it seems so often like an invitation to murder. The level of insurance fraud David engaged in seems beyond belief that he was able to get away wid it for so long. Curious.


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