Gone S1 E3: Paradise Lost

//Gone S1 E3: Paradise Lost

Gone S1 E3: Paradise Lost

Charlotte Moriarty and her infant son disappeared from a Hawaiian bus stop in June 1977, leaving behind only an empty stroller.  Mark Barnes, Charlotte’s live-in boyfriend and the father of their baby, Marx, would search for them for over 30 years before being reunited with his son.  But what became of Charlotte?  This episode of Gone leaves us wondering just that. This is a case where police were either unaware or unconcerned for the first 3 weeks after the disappearance.  Do you believe police or Mark Barnes’ story about when the disappearance was reported?  Is it safe to assume that Charlotte doesn’t want to be found?

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  1. Vicki Henseler August 14, 2017 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    I thoroughly enjoy your new podcast. I don’t own a television and haven’t since I tripped over the antenna cable and pulled it out of the back of the television. That was two years ago. Even then I had only network programming. You tell the story in such a way that actually watching the program isn’t necessary. I have found that watching programming, whether television, movies, online, offline, tends to be rather limiting. I’d so much rather read or listen to a story well told. You and Dick do such a terrific job on both podcasts. You’re articulate, prepared, well researched and respectful of one another, the victims and even the bad guy when there are mitigating circumstances. You challenge one another courteously with neither of you needing to be right or have the last word. I like the way you play of one another. I enjoy a well placed conversational fuck and burst out laughing the first time I heard either of you swear. You both curse the way swearing should be done. Colorful language every other word loses it’s impact and the need for four letter words in the first place. Your NPR voices are soothing (that IS a compliment), crisp, clear and clean. I could listen to you read a grocery list. The audio quality is excellent and WAY above average. I’d say you set the overall bar as high as it will go and therefore set the standard. I’m fairly new to podcasts and listen regardless of what I’m doing, be it gardening, cleaning house or bathing the dog. I especially love listening while driving. The nearest grocery store is a 40 mile round trip and I’ve found myself accidentally (on purpose) forgetting to buy mayonnaise so I have to go back to town, completing another 40 mile circuit. Since discovering podcasts (I listen on an iPad), I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of mostly true crime and current events. I would rather listen again to one of yours than try to slog through many which are ill prepared, poorly researched, comedic (true crime?), loud and boisterous or have a host who cannot complete a sentence without the words “like”, “whatever” or swearing just for the hell of it and because s/he can or, and this is bigly ;-), poor audio quality. Now, just to qualify myself, I’m female, almost 70, a grandmother, retired, live in a small Kansas town of 425 (mostly) crusty ole farmers, love to read anything and am fascinated with true crime. Now that I know your program quality, base line (without even having to listen) would be 3.5 stars. I’ve not listened to any of your podcasts yet (and I’ve listened to them all, including premium), which would come in under a 5.0. This was intended as a short, first time review and I’ve put my nap off long enough. Thanks to both of you for the entertaining, informative and fun programming.

    • Jill August 26, 2017 at 2:07 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much, Vicki. Your email is so kind and you really made my day! Jill

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