Runaway Devil: The Richardson Family Murders

//Runaway Devil: The Richardson Family Murders

Runaway Devil: The Richardson Family Murders

At what age are we responsible for our actions? Laws and opinions differ, but there are certain acts that seem to transcend age in their brutality and lack of conscience. When 12-year old Jasmine Richardson participated in the murder of her entire family, a community and those of us looking on were shocked. Was she innately vicious or was she influenced and led into these crimes by her emotionally disturbed adult boyfriend?
An interesting offshoot of this is the impossible position Jasmine’s parents found themselves in as their daughter rebelled and moved into a world of drugs, underage sex, and depravity. Their options were somewhat limited. Also, there was no way for them to predict the horror that happened to their family.
Join us at the quiet end of the bar today as we tell the story of Jasmine Richardson’s family and discuss the issues involved in the prosecution of a child for a crime so barbaric that experienced detectives were traumatized by the crime scene, in this episode of True Crime Brewery: Runaway Devil

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Intermission music in this episode: I Know It’s Over by The Smiths

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