Love’s Labor Lost: The Disappearance of Vicki and Valessa Robinson

//Love’s Labor Lost: The Disappearance of Vicki and Valessa Robinson

Love’s Labor Lost: The Disappearance of Vicki and Valessa Robinson

On a Saturday morning in June 1998, no one could find mother and daughter Vicki and Valessa Robinson. The night before, single mother Vicki had dined with her boyfriend while Valessa hung out with her boyfriend and another friend. Everyone was aware that Vicki had been having difficulty getting Valessa to follow her rules. Her older and criminal boyfriend, Adam Davis, was trouble. Valessa had lost interest in school and church. She was shoplifting, taking drugs, and having unprotected sex. Had Valessa run off with Adam? If so, where was Vicki? Concerns grew and the police were called. What was revealed about the events of that Friday night would shock the community of Tampa and horrify everyone who followed the story.

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  1. Shari Henderson June 23, 2017 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    I want to let you know how much I enjoy your podcast. I look forward to listening to each new episode and I think you do a wonderful job and I thank you for the time and research you put into it. I heard the Lizzie Borden murders mentioned on this episode and wanted to let you know that even though it’s a very old case, it’s still quite fascinating. Most (or all maybe) of the court transcripts are available online so you can decide for yourself whether she’s guilty or not. i thought I’d mention this for your own personal interest because it’s my favorite crime case of all time. This was an excellent episode, as always, and thank you again.

  2. Audra Blackburn January 7, 2018 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Hi Jill and Dick and Hello all fans of Jill and Dick!

    I wanted to bring to your attention a few mistakes I noticed in this particular podcast. I’ve listened to all of them twice and incuding the member’s only shows and rarely do I note a mistake or even a snafu, but Lyle and Eric Menendez are not twins they are just brothers. Also being a true true crime fanatic, I know of at least 100 cases of matricide. I believe the rarest of all murders within a family, per moi (and I’m no expert, lol!)-is for a daughter to kill only her father.

    I am a huge fan of the show “Deadly Women”-and I think you guys would love that show! It chronicles only female killers and it has been on the air I believe 13 years now (Snapped almost 20 years, another all female killers). There are many folks who girls and women kill and many kill their own children, husbands, mothers, parents and others close to them.

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