Dead in the Water: The Victims of the Green River Killer

//Dead in the Water: The Victims of the Green River Killer

Dead in the Water: The Victims of the Green River Killer

In the 1980s and 1990s, at least 70 women were killed in the Seattle and Tacoma Washington area by the Green River Killer. The victims were mainly prostitutes and runaways who were picked up along the Pacific Highway South. The women were strangled and most of their bodies dumped into wooded areas around the Green River. The bodies were often in clusters, sometimes posed, and nude. The involvement of the victims in prostitution complicate the case. Runaways and prostitutes were often not in close contact with their families, making it less likely for them to be reported missing. In this episode of True Crime Brewery, we will try to bring to light the victims of the Green River Killer as we learn about the horrible, gruesome crimes of the most prolific serial killer in history.
Join us at the quiet end for Old Woody from Fish Brewing Company in Olympia Washington!

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  1. Alice April 13, 2017 at 2:31 pm - Reply

    Can we have a break from serial killer episodes? I love your show, but it really is more interesting to listen to cases where there is some mystery or complex motivation involved in the crime. There is no real explanation as to why an individual would develop the sort of dark inner fantasy life, even less so why such a person would feel that it was within his or her rights to inflict this kind of darkness onto others irrespective of costs or consequence. Maybe these people are authentically structured differently, i.e. sick. Maybe there is such a thing as evil. Having looked one of these predators in the eye, I personally vote for the latter. The victims also tend to be tragically uninteresting in the random sort of way in which they are targeted– in the case of the Green River killer, poor women in difficult circumstances. These sorts of murderers are covered ad nauseum in other podcasts and media, all of which pretty much have the same sorts of things to say. I listen to three or four other true crime shows, many of which seem to dwell on these perverse sorts of characters as a matter of course. While I have no criticism for these other shows, I am starting to skip these sorts of episodes. They are disturbing and scary, but they are not interesting. You guys do not tend to do this sort of thing, and I respect you for it. It makes you a bit different. Of course, I will always listen regardless of what you decide. It is your show, and you do a good job. However, I might skip some stuff. Regardless of my comments here, I am very grateful for your company each week.

    • Jill April 13, 2017 at 7:53 pm - Reply

      Thanks for writing Alice. I’m kind of with you on this. We will probably still do the occasional serial killer (we have set up an interview with a woman who escaped Ted Bundy, for example) but this won’t be the norm. Thanks for hanging in there 🙂 Jill

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