27 year-old Laura Ackerson was last seen on July 13, 2011, after stopping by the home of her ex-partner Grant Hayes and his wife Amanda Hayes.  She was reported missing two days later when she failed to show up for work. On July 20, Ackerson’s Ford Focus was found abandoned near the 5400 block of Summer Manor Lane in Raleigh. Her dismembered remains were found in three separate locations near Richmond, Texas, about 30 miles southwest of Houston. The remains were found near Amanda Hayes’ sister’s home. 
After a long and bitter custody battle over her two young children, Grant and Amanda Hayes plotted and carried out the cold-blooded murder of Laura.  It is believed that the couple wanted Laura out of the way so they could raise the two boys on their own.  Perhaps even more shocking than the murder itself was the horrific mutilation and disposal of Laura’s remains.  In court, Grant and Amanda would each plead their innocence, placing the blame on one another.
Join us for a discussion of a young woman, Laura Ackerson, who chose the wrong man and paid the ultimate price.
The beer review is The Event Horizon from Old Hickory Brewing Company.

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